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Sunglasses Bismarck, North Dakota ND

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Are you looking for assistance with Sunglasses here in Bismarck North Dakota?  The trained Ophthalmologists & Optometrists at Dakota Eye Institute in Bismarck can help you choose prescription Sunglasses or stop into one of our two boutique  shops and look for designer sunglasses at affordable prices.

You need to protect your eyes, especially from the sun.  Of all the elements we come into contact with when we are outdoors, the sun is by far and away the most harmful to your health.  A recent study found that people who spent a lot of time in the summer sun in their younger years were twice as likely to develop an early form of macular degeneration than those that staye out of the sun.  However, the study also suggests that protective measures, such as wearing a hat and sunglasses, can dramatically reduce some of those additional sun-related risks.  

If you have ever noticed that your eyes hurt when you are out in the sun it is because light rays travel in 2 ways - horizontal and vertical and it's the vertical ones that make your eyes hurt. If you are driving or fishing and the sun is bothering you, it's those pesky vert rays that are making it hard for you to see  Polarized lenses are the best - prescription or non-prescription it's the difference between squinting or not. .A polarized lens only allows horizontal rays through and protects your vision better than a plain tinted lens. Ultraviolet Rays (UV)  Rays can also cause wrinkles

We specialize in offering frames you won't see in every store. We have many to choose from and we are sure that we have the right pair for you.  We offer many designer brands such as:  Maui Jim, Revo, Ray Ban, Valentino, Tommy HIlfiger, Liz Claiborne, Nine West, Anne Klein, BCBG, Saks 5th Avenue, Michael Kors, Ed Hardy & Coach.  With over 200 styles to choose from, we are sure that your next pair of sunglasses here in Bismarck is sitting on our shelf just waiting for you!

What could be more convenient than to get your eyes examined by one of our eye doctors and then fill your Sunglasses prescription on your way out of the clinic?

Dakota Eye Institute is trained to prescribe Sunglasses for you and your family.  We can help you choose the right Sunglasses that fit your lifestyle.  Come into our clinic and see our eyeglasses boutique on your left and someone can help you choose the frames that are right for you.     

Call us today at 701-222-3937 to speak with one of our staff about the many eye glasses we offer.
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