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Eyeglasses Bismarck, North Dakota ND

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3119 N. 14th Street
Bismarck, ND 58503
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200 South 5th St.
Bismarck, ND 58504
Are you looking for assistance with Eyeglasses here in Bismarck North Dakota?  The trained Ophthalmologists & Optometrists at Dakota Eye Institute in Bismarck can help you prescribe Eyeglasses for you and your family. 

What Are Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses were invented many centuries ago between the years 1265 -1290.  They were originally designed to only be perched on the nose with no form of support and were actually considered to be very uncomfortable for the end user.  It wasn't until more than 400 years later that eyeglasses evolved into what we know today.  By using the ears as a support for the glasses, they became much more comfortable and stable to wear. 

Dakota Eye Institute has been prescribing eyeglasses for the fine people of Bismarck Mandan for over 20 years.  Our trained staff can recommend the right eyeglasses for you and we have a very wide selection in our eyeglasses boutique located at 5th & Front Street.  We will help you explore all your options in eyewear and work with you to create  a look you want. 

We specialize in offering frames you won't see in every store. We have many to choose from and we are sure that we have the right pair for you.

What could be more convenient than to get your eyes examined by one of our eye doctors and then fill your eyeglasses prescription on your way out of the clinic?

Dakota Eye Institute is trained to prescribe eyeglasses for you and your family.  We can help you choose the right eyeglasses that fit your lifestyle.  Come into our clinic and see our eyeglasses boutique on your left and someone can help you choose the frames that are right for you.     

Call us today at 701-222-3937 to speak with one of our staff about the many eye glasses we offer.
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