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Eye Injury Bismarck, North Dakota ND

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Are you looking for help with an Eye Injury here in Bismarck North Dakota?  The trained Ophthalmologists & Optometrists at Dakota Eye Institute in Bismarck can help you with your Eye Injury condition.

If you have recently had an eye injury it is very important to get it looked at by a trained Medical Eye Doctor here at Dakota Eye Institute. Eye injuries can be minor or major depending on the type of exposure the eye has had to cause the injury. 

A minor injury made be as simple as rubbing your eyes; but the transfer of chemicals from your skin on the eyes may result in redness or something more serious.  More serious chemical reactions may be caused  by other methods such as Mace, Tear Gas, Pepper Spray or even Hair Spray.     

Corneal abrasions are what most people would report as "being poked in the eye", often with a finger or a tree branch they may have accidently walked into.  A more seriouse form of this type of injury would be a traumatic iritis.  This type of injury is associated with a blow to the eye from a blunt object such as a fist or club.  Iritis usually means that the iris is inflamed.

Hyphemas and orbital blowout fractures are associated with significant force from a blunt object to the eye or surrounding eye structure.  This can be caused by a car accident when the patient's eye hits the air bag or some other part of the car's interior. 

Lacerations to the cornea and the sclera are very serious injuries and are frequently associated with blunt trauma of flying objects.  Foreign bodies in the eye such as a small piece of metal, wood or plastic can also cause very serious pain and should be tended to by a trained medical eye doctor. 

Dakota Eye Institute is trained to handle all types of eye injury conditions and we can help you if you have experienced an eye injury.    It is very important to act quickly and call our office to see our on call physician. 

Call us today at 701-222-3937 to set up an appointment for a consultation.
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