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Eye Floaters Bismarck, North Dakota ND

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Are you looking for help with Eye Floaters here in Bismarck North Dakota?  The trained Ophthalmologists & Optometrists at Dakota Eye Institute in Bismarck can help you with your Eye Floaters condition.

What Are Eye Floaters?

Eye Floaters are suspended tiny specks or squiggly lines that pass in front of your field of vision.  They are essentially harmless, however a larger concentration of them may be a sign of something more serious, like a detached retina.

Floaters are particularly noticeable when looking at a blank surface or a blue sky. Despite the name "floaters", many of these specks have a tendency to sink toward the bottom of the eyeball. 

Floaters are able to catch and refract light in ways that somewhat blur vision temporarily until the floater moves to a different area. Often they trick the sufferer into thinking they see something out of the corner of their eye that really is not there. Most sufferers, with time, learn to ignore their floaters. For people with severe floaters it is nearly impossible to completely ignore the large masses that constantly stay within almost direct view. Some sufferers have noted a decrease in ability to concentrate while reading, watching television, walking outdoors, and driving, especially when tired.

Dakota Eye Institute is trained to detect Eye floaters conditions and we can help you if you have experienced any Eye Floaters symptoms.   

Call us today at 701-222-3937 to set up an appointment for a consultation.
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